Global Strategy

Tasomi Group, SPRL provides a three-pronged inter-disciplinary approach to preparing a company’s global strategy.

  • First, we provide an assessment of the business and financial implications of establishing a presence in a new country, including an assessment of the local competition, evaluating your unique value proposition and key differentiators, and the tax and local compliance issues your company will face in a new market.
  • Second, we identify the pros and cons of transitioning to a new country, including an assessment of the market’s technology and communications competence, government investment and incentives, and impending economic and tax changes that could impact your company’s business. Whether it is the recent political and economic changes in the European Union or China’s evolving tax regime, Tasomi Group can provide your company with a forward-thinking strategy that is flexible and accounts for the unexpected.
  • Third, we develop a process and a “best practices” guide specific to your business to select and execute the best strategy for your overseas expansion and business activities.

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