A company’s success in a new market depends greatly on understanding and anticipating local tax rules and policies. Tasomi Group, SPRL, can address these issues and be your “eyes and ears on the ground” wherever in the world you do business.

Indirect Tax Specialists:

Many companies focus on the direct tax implications of their business, ignoring indirect tax until it is too late. Whether you are in the financial services industry, manufacturing, or high tech, your indirect tax strategy and managing your indirect tax obligations will be a critical component of your company’s success. As longtime indirect tax experts, Tasomi Group, is uniquely positioned to provide all your indirect tax needs.

Managing indirect taxes effectively requires deep knowledge of your industry, business model, internal organization and supply chain. Tasomi Group understands the local regulations and their cross-border implications and will allow your company to ensure that your business decisions boost your profitability and minimize the risk of non-compliance.

Importantly, recent political and economic changes in the European Union (EU) have triggered significant concerns regarding the indirect tax impact this may have on businesses. At Tasomi Group, we constantly monitor impending changes and proposals to ensure that your business is ahead of the curve in its planning and structuring of indirect tax strategy.

When acquiring a new company overseas, Tasomi Group, can help you accurately calculate your indirect tax liability and structure your transaction, including securing necessary indirect tax registrations, to ensure that the acquisition does not result in a negative cash flow. Tasomi Group, can also carry out an extensive “as is” review of the company’s indirect tax strategy and identify areas of improvement that could significantly improve cash flow. When engaging in cross-border transactions of goods or services, whether in the European Union (EU) or elsewhere, Tasomi Group, will ensure that it is done in a tax-efficient manner while meeting all tax reporting obligations.

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